Noise Boys Warranty
The Noise Boys Warranty covers any reasonable claims regarding patent or latent defects in the parts or materials, as well as flawed workmanship.
The warranty does not cover damage or failure resulting from incorrect, abusive or negligent use of the products. Claims for labour and consumables will not be considered.
  • Mild Steel Exhausts - Universal silencers have a 12 months warranty.
  • Aluminised Steel Exhausts - Universal silencers have an 18 months warranty.
  • Stainless Steel Exhausts - Universal silencers have a 60 months warranty.
  • Tailpipes - have a 60 months warranty.
Parts and Services Warranty
Normally parts come with a warranty from the manufacturer
and which differs depending on the supplier. Workmanship also carries a warranty. Customers are advised to contact Noise Boys Silverton in order to ascertain the terms and conditions pertaining to warranties.

Documentation Required

The following documentation/information must accompany each claim:

Original Invoice, including:

  • Customer's name and telephone number.
  • Date of installation.
  • Description of parts replaced and/or work done.

Warranty Procedure

  • Noise Boys Silverton lives up to our promise - "Service - what a pleasure".
  • Contact Noise Boys Silverton Service Centre for assistance.
  • Provide us with the above documentation for immediate action.