Noise Boys Silverton Products
Noise Boys Silverton has over 20 years' experience and we specialize as an exhaust fitment centre. Over the past two decades the concept has evolved to include the servicing of vehicles. Apart from services and exhausts systems, Noise Boys Silverton also provides shock absorbers, brakes, tow bars, catalytic converters, 4x4 accessories, Willard batteries, Exhaust System Generators, Cowley, Exhaust Systems; performance enhancement, catalytic converters, Mini Cats and Tyres (optional).
Vehicle Servicing
Replacement parts, and as result the servicing of vehicles at agents, have become exorbitantly expensive. Consequently, a brand new niche market of parts and servicing has opened up and Noise Boys Silverton has very successfully taken up this super opportunity. By providing highly affordable and comprehensive servicing, using only carefully sourced, superior quality replacement parts and guaranteed workmanship by top notch mechanics, Noise Boys has become the service provider of choice among discerning motorists.

Over the past years, Noise Boys has faithfully and diligently developed their service division, building it into the formidable role-player it currently is, both within the Noise Boys set-up and in the industry in general.

Noise Boys Silverton
is a supplier of high quality automotive parts and we ensure dependable and prompt service to our customers.
Noise Boys Silverton has been synonymous with exhaust systems and related products for many years. Having built a reputation as the leading exhaust specialists in the country, Noise Boys Silverton is able to offer a variety of exhaust replacement options to suit all their customers' needs.

Exhaust systems with unique specifications, sport and performance exhaust systems for better power output, fuel saver exhausts for lower fuel consumption and sound improvement systems for those who enjoy the roar of horsepower under the bonnet, are all available from Noise Boys Silverton.

The systems are built and fitted on site using specialist equipment and are made of either mild steel, aluminised steel or stainless steel, with warrantees ranging from 12 months to 5 years.
Catalytic Converters
The introduction of lead-free fuel and the advent of the catalytic converter have revolutionised the entire exhaust industry. Exhaust systems now last far longer and although replacement is costly, these systems are virtually maintenance-free and seldom replaced. Noise Boys is completely conversant with the workings of catalytic converters and is able to provide all products and services relating to them. The developments around catalytic converters have contributed to Noise Boys successfully diversifying into the servicing of vehicles and also into the provision of a wide range of branded vehicle accessories and other related products and services.
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